Round 350!

When I began this journey so many long years ago, it was my creative outlet. I would wake up, make coffee, troll Pinterest and find something that evoked an interest or ignited a thought, and I would write about it. While I can make excuse after excuse as to why I haven't kept that up, … Continue reading Round 350!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! You made it through the first holiday weekend of the season, congratulations! Like most of us, it was a weekend of indulgence, family time, and gearing up for the gift-giving season. Speaking of is the final day to receive 20% off of everything online over at ERLG. In 2 weeks, the majority … Continue reading Happy Monday!

Summer Skin

Some girls have the good fortune to be blessed with flawless skin. I am NOT one of these girls. In fact, I have struggled with break-outs throughout my 20's and 30's. After trying everything in the book, I made the decision to start to practicing the theory - you are what you eat - I … Continue reading Summer Skin