For the LOVE of the Cheyenne Tote

It’s been a very emotional couple of weeks since I made the decision to shut the doors to E.R. Leather Goods. I am not going to lie, as confident as I am with my decision, it still makes me feel pretty sad to walk away from something so significant in my life. But such is life, we move on from a career, a homes, a boyfriend, and sometimes a friend, and it all works out in the end. Life is a constant transition.

I have found myself looking back on my many photo shoots and product shots and it’s crazy how fast everything evolved and transformed. My first pieces were absolute crap! The lacing was thick, the holes were too big, the magnets were giant, and the leather looked like plastic. All that said, you have to start somewhere and I wouldn’t change one single thing.

Out of all the hundreds of bags I have made, my favorite is still the Cheyenne Tote. It’s the first bag I made out of hair on hide, and I still carry it all the time. The shape is timeless, the straps are so easy to wear and it’s just a no-brainer.  I have made hundreds of them over the years and am happy to have saved one for myself from my last shipment of hides…yes, I am starting to horde!


Don’t miss out on the chance to score your own Cheyenne Tote during my finally 2 weeks of being in business.

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