It’s Getting Scrappy!

As I started to clean out my office of the abundant clutter, I looked around and realized how much leather and now many materials went untouched or unused. My first thought was ‘what a waste’ quickly followed by my second, ‘Id better get to work!’ And I did just that, I got to work.

While the boy played in his ghetto baby pool and climbed all over my equally ghetto vinyl 80’s lawn chair that I absolutely love because it reminds me of my childhood, I started to go cubby by cubby, and cut out small clutches from my scraps!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be making a pretty sizable collection of small goodies and a few large bags out of my…for lack of a better term…scraps. So, with that said, I’m getting to work using up as many of my materials as possible, and you my friends can shop the “Scraps” collection soon.



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