The Final Collection

Since announcing the closing of E.R. Leather Goods (click here to read the post) I have had a few things gnawing at me. Maybe it was that I was giving up something I loved so much, maybe it had to do with building a brand and business I took so much pride in, and a lot had to do with the fact that after really looking at my studio, I realized just how much leather I still had leftover. I felt like I was flushing hard earned money down the toilet.

When I started almost ten years ago I made the bags I felt like making, and if they spoke to someone, then that was a win. Once I began making custom bags for clients, the game changed completely and I realized that everyone has incredibly different taste.

Behind the scenes, and what most people don’t realize, is that I would have to order an entire hide for a set of straps or clutch. Because it was my choice to offer those items, I knew I would have basic colors always available. However, this is when the leather began to pile up.

Now that almost all of my orders are completed – yes, I am still waiting patiently for a couple gem hair on hides – and after about two months of slowly chipping away at all my scraps, the final collection is now live on the website. I went cubby by cubby, leather by leather to make the goodies I liked. There is little bit of everything mixed into one.

I hope you all like them as much as I do!

I’ll slowly be adding little accessories like key chains and coasters, but all of the larger items are represented.




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