Summer Skin

Some girls have the good fortune to be blessed with flawless skin. I am NOT one of these girls. In fact, I have struggled with break-outs throughout my 20’s and 30’s.

After trying everything in the book, I made the decision to start to practicing the theory – you are what you eat – I realized my diet and my intake (ummmm, wine and perhaps a few too many cocktails…) needed a little facelift! Once I began juicing on the regular, sweating as much as I could, and cleaning out my insides, my outsides started the slow climb uphill. I was on a great path…until…

PREGNANCY! I had a few break outs during pregnancy but nothing too bad. The fact that it was a hot summer and I was in the ocean daily helped a ton, but once I had the baby and was breastfeeding, I got the most disgusting and embarrassing rash all over my face. I literally didn’t leave the house for days because it looked like I had rubbed poison oak all over my face. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit, but I didn’t feel like myself and during that already vulnerable time, that last thing I needed was people staring at my rash covered face.

After seeing my amazing dermatologist – Dr. Erika Klemperer – she informed me I had perioral dermatitis and it was most likely due to hormones. Epic! Because I was nursing, I wasn’t able to take the antibiotic that clears it up. The topical creams worked slightly, but all I could really do was wait it out, and I am NOT the most patient person. I am also someone who would rather find a natural substitute than use chemicals or pills. It was during this outbreak when I decided to really clean out my bathroom cupboard and eliminate everything toxic I owned. I tossed creams, face wash, exploiters, soaps, lotions, make up, brushes, everything! The only oil I used was coconut oil and I was crazy about it. It made my skin feel so good and it’s antibacterial and anti-fungal both which helped with the perioral dermatitis.

Each week I noticed my scaring and redness begin to fade, but then we made the move to Santa Ynez and boy was that a doozy on my already compromised complexion. Lets add a shot of stress to the raging 6 month post pardon hormones and BAM, here we go again, acne mama. With the dry air and HOT summer days, I need to up my skin care game.

I was introduced to a company called Primally Pure through a friend on Instagram. Funny how these thing happen. Having read Bethany’s (the company founder) story, I was in.  My first purchase was the Cleansing  Oil (for Mature + Dry skin) and Regenerate + Restore Face Serum followed quickly by the natural deodorant. 

It was love at first use! My skin felt so soft and restored. The smell transported me to a spa, and within the month I noticed visible changes in my complexion.

I’ll admit I don’t use the face oil everyday, but I try to at least 3-4 times a week. Since I rarely wear make up, I can usually get away with washing my face with warm water and a wash cloth. I haven’t used any over the counter face wash in months and if I need to exfoliate I head to my kitchen to raid the cupboards. My favorite is baking soda. It’s got a tiny grain but has whitening properties for broken capillaries, and if I am out, I reach for granulated sugar. Just apply to damp skin and exfoliate away!

When visiting with a friend a couple of months ago, I couldn’t help but notice how insane her completion looked. I begged her to send me everything she uses because I know she’s very mindful about her skin. She pointed me in the direction of another product I have used in the past but now use daily, Mad Hippy Vitamin C Serum. That, coupled with Mad Hippy’s Antioxidant Facial Oil, OZNATURALS Anti-Aging Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Vitamin E oil from Trader Joe’s is an amazing cocktail for the skin.

This combo has SAVED my skin this summer now that the temps have hit the 90’s and fire season has officially started. With the air quality less than desirable, the dry heat, and hot sun, I am over the moon that I have found a winning and natural combo!






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