Bison Belt Bag

For someone who makes handbags for a living, I certainly don’t use one on the daily. While I have a tote bag in the car most days, whenever I dash into the store I just grab my clutch, or put my credit card in my pocket. Well, after about the third time of losing my credit card and dropping my clutch, I decided it was time for a hands free option. May I present you with the new Belt Bag!

Since we come in all shapes and sizes, I have made it so you can choose your own belt, and there will be two sizes available. This bison option is a little bit larger, and a smaller one is in the works.

I’ll be giving this a good product test while on vaca next month, and I trust it’ll make chasing a toddler and being on the road just that much easier…and who doesn’t want to hit the easy button from time to time?


One thought on “Bison Belt Bag

  1. Donna DaFoe says:

    Emily, This new belt bag is a terrific idea for all Moms and Nana’s too!
    It seems like a “must have” for all the young moms out there! It saves everyone from
    grabbing the kiddo, grabbing a “loaded purse” (extra 8 or so lbs) and proceeding to try to
    shop, work, do errands or just hang out!

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