Present Day Moms is LIVE

I have had the great pleasure of teaming up with a couple of dynamic Aussie babes to collaborate on an activity and lifestyle website for mama’s called Present Day Moms!

While it’s not lost on me that I am certainly NOT the most present of moms, I do try to make an effort between working from home, running a couple businesses, creating a home, and, well you get it. That said, building content and writing about real mom shit has been really fun and liberating for our family.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, head over and take a peek and follow along on Instagram. Our newsletter will be sent out twice a month with activities, honest talk, food ideas and more.

You have heard it before, but here you go again for good measure! This is why I chose to contribute

I was sick of saying, “just a minute baby, I am almost finished!”

After I had my son, I hit the ground running. Maybe it was to prove I could do it all, or maybe it was a desperate attempt to keep my lifestyle exactly the same as it was before he was born. Realty check, it isn’t! Just three weeks after giving birth – via emergency c-section – I participated in trunk show for my handbag collection…then did three more back to back. While it was great to hear everyone telling me how I bounced back, or they were so happy to see me out and about, none of them told me I should be home enjoying infant bliss. Nope, I was gung-ho and right back into action with production, the holidays, our wine label, and my “real job.” Self-care or down time was at the bottom of the totem pole and I made sure I hustled and “did it all!”

While juggling all of my hats I hit a wall and realized something had to give. After we moved out to the country and my son turned 1, I made the tough decision to shut down my business to focus on motherhood and to slow down. I regret to say, that never happed! I just put my creative energy into another business or kept myself just as busy as I was before with different client projects. Making handbags was my passion, and makes me happy so I slowly started incorporating it back into my life, but without the desperation or drive I once had.

Today, my little man is 3 and at such a fun age. I have to force myself to put the computer away, shut down the phone, and focus 100% on him. When I was asked to contribute to Present Day Moms, I felt like a hypocrite because I am far from a present mom, but I am trying. My goal is to make small changes every single day to redirect my energy and time towards the most important thing in my life, my family.

Emily xo

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