Fall’s Arrival

The best part of being a designer and business owner is that you get to make up your own rules…and change them whenever you feel like it!

This season, I had to really deep into what I love most about my brand, and what I needed to do in order to keep it going.  It should have been obvious that my favorite part was making beautiful bags, but hey, it was a good exercise to break it all down. I got so focused on trying to make everyone happy and pretend to know what “they” wanted, that I strayed so far from what made me love my job. So I said screw it, and I’m only making the bags I would be proud to carry, and have hanging in my closet.

Right now I am craving structure and elegance. While I am far from polished…and live in the country…I found myself yearning for clean lines, minimal fuss, and effortless function, with a bit of fringe to keep it fun!  I love how it all turned out and would take this collection from the sticks to the city anytime.

For a full look at Fall 2019, click here, and if you are local to the Santa Barbara area, I’ll be showing my collection at Global Eye in Los Olivos on Saturday October 12th from 11-4pm along with some other very talented artists and designers.

Betsy Peace Photography

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