Each E.R. Leather Goods item is one of a kind and hand-made…by me!

Artist Collection Arrivals

I was going to wait to introduce these new puppies for a month, but what wait?

These clutches are the start Artist Collection, a group of bags and clutches that are all completely one-of-a-kind, never to be recreated, and made from all of my extra materials. I am going back to the beginning when I just made anything I wanted and only one of them!

These two, along with 6 other clutches, will be up on my website tonight…and as a special intro…they are only $100 each!11234859_868199409882781_2125596332974650144_n

Rivets & Fringe : July 2015

My hair-brain Sunday idea…A rivet & fringe hip bag! Coming soon to the E.R. Leather Goods Artist Collection…a new grouping of bags that will never be reproduced and will always stay one-of-a-kind. Stay tuned!1512331_864237723612283_7372054762340903838_n

What…New Bags?

I am the first to admit the past year has been absolutely bonkers. Though I have tried and tried to keep up with my blogs, simply put, I haven’t made the time. Between our engagement, wedding, harvest and pregnancy life has gotten me just slightly distracted…in all the right ways. Now that I have had a little bit of time to get back into the swing of things before the baby arrives, I’ve been working away at making unique and new bag style for summer and beyond.

Here are a few new bags from E.R. Leather Goods








3 Years & Counting: April 2015

For over 3 years I have been making my signature Springbok “Sam” Clutch!  Of the hundreds of clutches I have made by hand, they have been coveted by my loyal customers, my favorite bloggers including Could I Have ThatCheetah is the New BlackSo Then They SayGolden White Decor…and more. It’s graced the pages of Santa Barbara Magazine, been spotted on Teen Vogue style pages, and many more blog posts I can’t even count or mention here.

While this unique beauty has been knocked off by other ‘designers’ along the way…and as I keep seeing more and more springbok clutches pop up by various ‘artists’ I wanted to say Thank You for everyone who recognizes the originality and design of not only my springbok clutch but all of the one of a kind pieces from ER Leather Goods. Cheers to a great weekend and Thank You for the continued and loyal support!

10253862_821188291250560_607096847435099599_nI just received a beautiful box of hides last week straight from South Africa! Don’t wait to order your very own original Springbok Clutch.


I am the first to admit I’m a sun worshiper…and yes, I wear sunscreen. I am not one to bask in the sun all day applying tanning lotion while reading trashy tabloids all day, but bright blue skies, the sounds of birds chirping, and an afternoon or early morning at the beach or in the mountains soaking up the heat is pretty darn awesome.

With Spring in full swing I can’t help but break out the bright-colored bags from ERLG!  From yellow to orange and hot pink to turquoise, why not brighten things up?



I have to admit, it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact it’s officially the holidays. Perhaps it’s that the temps outside are out of this world, or that the year has gone by so fast, I still feel like it should be July.

That said, the holidays are in full swing and while I prep for the gift giving season, bag orders, and cocktail parties (yippee) I am also gearing up for the real winter months when I turn in my light accessories and head to the dark side…black!

It’s fair to say I am obsessed with black hair on hide, I always have been. It’s so sexy and sleek and I am really liking that the rest of the world is jumping on the hair on hide bandwagon. Here are a few of my favorite things right now!

Happy Black (hair on hide ) Friday everyone…go on out, support small independent businesses, and get your shop on!

b608b5e44cb7044cb0bad4a518f87db3The Jackson

25d18a46f6c462c14d9caabcfc0ff80cThe Town Clutch

48b59a0dc5e7e95a28f727308728e9c2I am officially obsessed with these booties found here.

cfed0ef3f432300b98b6aeeb155b7476One of my favorite bags I made from 5 years ago!

366c45463f4b8d5b97e2aa2dd483ddb8CIHT Blogger Collaboration Clutch  –  image via CIHT

ce8067916f1a2d947bb63a13b4cbe94eCIHT Blogger Collaboration Clutch  – image via CIHT


I always joke that if you stand too close to me you will either get married or pregnant! Apparently I am a good luck charm. While I can not count the number of baby showers I have attended over the years, am so lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful mama’s and a ton of mama’s to be. With another surge of babies arriving this fall…and since buying a baby gift off of a registry just isn’t my style, I started making leather baby booties.

These little puppies have been such a hit at the showers I have attended that I figured I would share the love and add them to my website! What can make a monday morning better than some custom baby booties?!




IMG_3484Visit E.R. Leather Goods for available inventory or to place a custom order please email info@erleathergoods.com

4″ Bootie is $60.00

5″ Bootie is $65.00


With the holidays right around the corner, I decided to get a jump-start on new bags and accessories for upcoming trunk shows and the gift giving season!

My newly revamped website now has a page called The Stock, which is everything I currently have made and in-stock. The bags and accessories are all ready to go with prices starting at $50.00…and there will be some cute key chains and small accessories coming tomorrow! Here is a little peek at what’s in the collection (please excuse the marginal photos!)






IMG_2893Mark your calendar, I will be hosting two trunk shows at the E.R. Leather Goods Design Studio on December 4th and 6th!


I’m so happy to see zebra print is slowly making a come back in fashion. After falling in love with zebra in South Africa, and seeing it styled in the most amazing applications of interior design throughout the country, I knew I needed to bring this print into my Safari Collection. Not knowing if it would be perceived as too tacky or actually really cool, I decided to go for it and add it anyway, why not?!  It’s graphic, bold, and like my bags, completely one-of-a-kind.

While it seemed to take a little while to hit the market again, touches of this beautiful black and white stripe is timeless, and here is why!

Sophie 18

Sophie 17

Sophie 9Three beauties from E.R. Leather Goods…and don’t forget to check out my new collection The Stock to find more zebra print bags!


palm_springs_babymoon_3Samantha from Could I Have That? rocking her vintage zebra print dress, while preggers, and looking absolutely dazzling!

456005_in_ppSaint Laurent heels, need I say more…


d7fb54f2645e1d2789fac8dd951c1938Adding a printed zebra rug can automatically change the look and feel of your space! I have to say I kind of love it outside on a patio. Find all sorts of inspiration over at Pinterest!

Here is a fun fact…a heard of zebra is called a dazzle!


In an effort to break up the monotony of making the same bag over and over…I have decided that once a week I’ll be making something that is new, different, or just not a normal product in my collection. It’s my way of having fun, trying new styles, or just to keep making things which will fill up my “Ready to Roll” collection. Here is my first “Bag of the Week.” Stay tuned for more styles next week!

10270288_10152713945258901_966426569479501967_nPlease note, these are all ‘as is’ and made from scraps or remnant leather. I can not make the same bag twice so if you love it, snatch it up before it’s gone.

Visit www.erleathergoods.com and “The Ready to Roll” collection for details.


Fall always inspires me to get creative with my bags and try new styles I have had on my mind. While I have some really interesting and fun designs in the works for the holidays, here are a few styles I just finished and absolutely love!

IMG_3024Here is my take on a the always timeless bucket bag.


IMG_3035Classics never go out of style. 

IMG_3021My new Travel Pouch.

IMG_3022For more bags and new “Ready to Roll” bags head over to www.erleathergoods.com.


This summer has been a total whirlwind of working, playing, wedding planning, and stocking inventory for Fall 2014. I am so excited to have a stack of beauties on hand for the people who don’t want to wait for a bag to be made, need one quickly, or just see exactly what they like and can snatch it up.

My I introduce to you my new collection “Ready to Roll!” There you will find ready-made inventory, a few samples, some older styles, and a couple discounted items that have slight blemishes.

As a Thank You for the continued support, enter READY at check out to will receive 25% off this collection only. Head on over and see what treasure you might find! Happy Monday.




I am so excited to finally have two new styles up on my website! May I present you the Pony Express Messenger and The Traveler Tote. Head over to www.erleathergoods.com and take a peek.




Ok, I’ll admit my weekend painting plans didn’t go according to plan…but I bought the paint so that counts for something right?! What I instead was hammer out some hot new clutches and bags that are headed to NYC today. Great, now I have bag envy and need to make myself a fringe tote for summer!


The iPad Mini Case in Black Embossed Croc $200.00

The Virginian Clutch in Tan Embossed Croc with Brass Ring $150.0020140414-080000.jpg

A new Messenger Bag…which I have yet to name…$500.00. Email info@emilyrosendahl for order inquiries.20140414-080007.jpg

A brand new Fringe Tote $550.00. Email info@emilyrosendahl.com for order inquiries.


THE ARCHIVES: April 2014

It’s amazing how time flies! Betsy and I have shot so many photos for E.R. Leather Goods, and as I am get my new studio all dialed out, picking my top images to frame is gong to be a daunting task. I suppose I should be thankful there are TOO many stunning shots.

Here is one of my all time favorites from almost 6 years ago. I still have and carry both of those bags!


This weekend is going to be a blast! Not only am I getting to host my sister’s baby shower, I get to see some beautiful friends and participate in a trunk show at goodie 2 shoes at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole!

If you are in the Jackson area this weekend, come say hello, pick up a new bag or clutch, or special order the bag of your dreams! It’s Friday…have fun!



I am completely obsessed with brindle hides right now. I love the mix of colors from light to dark…and you can literally wear it with anything all year around! Though I hate taking beautiful hides to my cutting table, I can’t hoard them either.

This hide was a tough one to cut up…but it made these 4 beauties! This batch of “Alpine” bags is headed south to Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you are in the area, head into Rhinoceros Boutique!






I have always had the travel bug, but this year has been a bit crazy…and isn’t stopping anytime soon. The employees at the Santa Barbara Airport may start calling me by name.

Seeing as I am on the go SO much right now, and I am relying on my travel accessories to keep me organized, I thought it would be appropriate to feature “The Traveler” collection for my monthly sale series at E.R. Leather Goods. Starting today, take 15% off my entire collection of “The Traveler.”

Happy shopping and bon voyage!

4a6d2825a71a8f498ebaf46e9f63263eEnter the code TRAVELNOW upon check out.

All bags will be made upon my return from NYC after February 26th.

If you would like a pop color for your lining, please specify on your order.


The best thing about running my own business is that I get to make the rules and decisions. Like having sales for instance!

Since the start of the new year, I have received countless inquiries regarding any upcoming sales happening over at E.R. Leather Goods. I made a decision over the weekend that once a month I was going to have a special offer, that way, if you miss one, there is another one right around the corner.  If it weren’t for all of you out there, I wouldn’t even be in business. Your support got me where I am, and now I am offering a little thank you in return.

To get this party started, this week only, take 25% off all orders at E.R. Leather Goods!  Gentlemen…Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…and I won’t have a sale before that! Ladies, pass this along to your gents.

Now that’s a good start to the week. Happy Monday and happy shopping!

IMG_9215Since I am still in NYC for trade shows, all orders will be made after Feb. 15th.

Enter JAN2014 when checking out!


Over the weekend I hustled to finish…well, tried to finish, all of my pending projects before I leave town again. I did manage to get some of the big bags out-of-the-way, but I have a mountain of work to climb as I prep for the Big Apple.

Here are a few cute bags I can check off my never-ending to do list…now it’s time to work on my show samples!


IMG_9049I better get used to making diaper bags this year! 2014’s baby boom is expected to start any day now with the arrival of Greyson James. He may not be here yet, but that doesn’t mean his hot mama can’t pack and prep his new bag!IMG_9051A little Madikwe Dreams bag action…always one of my favorite bags to make! This puppy is Colorado bound.IMG_9044My girlfriend has been waiting for me to make this bag for her since NOVEMBER! I am such a slacker…but I finally got it done!IMG_9043Just a little photo album cover to document my girlfriends travels and adventures in her new camper!


As a designer and maker, there is nothing more refreshing than getting my hands into a new project. After making the same bag or clutch over and over again, it’s exciting and challenging to teach myself how to make something brand spanking new! The trials and tribulations surrounding each piece either turn out to be awesome, or they wind up a complete disaster. Regardless, it’s a learning process and hey, I can’t always get it right the first time!

I often toyed with the idea of designing a backpack, but when I was asked to make one for a girlfriend in Nicaragua a few months back, I knew it was go time. I introduce to you my backpack 2.0.  I haven’t quite kicked in the final touches, but for my second one ever, I think it turned out quite well.





There is something magical, and completely overwhelming about returning from a holiday. My home is my sanctuary so rarely do I find myself kicking and screaming. I love tending to my garden and mowing my lawn the second my bags are unpacked. Walking down to see the horses for a quick hello before a property walk, or having a glass of wine overlooking the ocean where I can take a minute to reflect on the adventure I have just returned from. Although there is the other side too…the mail stacked way too high, the laundry needs to be done, the fridge needs restocking, and it’s back to work I go.

It is defiantly back to work for me! It’s a new year and I am switching gears at E.R. Leather Goods. So long Vegas trade shows, I am THRILLED to have been accepted into NY NOW Handmade…formally the New York International Gift Show‘s Handmade section. Having been to this show several times with the fabulous Shelley Koury of Upstairs at Pierre Lafond, I decided to take a stab at the gift show and give the east coast a little western kick!

The next two weeks are going to be bonkers as I make my final bags, fill my orders, prepare my marketing materials, and possibly sneak in a photo shoot and a trip north for some fabulous new materials.Thank goodness it’s Friday and I have two full uninterrupted work days in front of me. Ok, it’s game on!

8a37686399ad90c0a3e3e138d1a0e578If you are attending the NY NOW gift show come see me upstairs at booth #9382.

I will be in NYC from January 18th – Feb 6th. For anyone looking to review the collection or make an appointment outside of the show, please email me at info@emilyrosendahl.com

NY NOW Handmade is February 1st – 5th.


The holidays come with a slew of parties. Having been in retail for so many years, I’ve lost count of the number of hostess gifts I have wrapped, or helped pick out.

This season, I wanted to do something a little different for the lovely ladies hosting me. Something more special than a candle or bath salts…which are always wonderful to give and receive, but I wasn’t feeling it this year. One morning, I went into my office and looked at my wall of untidy and completely disorganized leather, and decided I wanted to get creative.

Since I am admitted “win-o” and love giving hand-made gifts, I decided to make a leather wine bag, paired with a great bottle of pinot. Why not? I have to admit, it was a huge it and I can’t wait to make more!


Photo credit -Stephanie Sanders of Shindig.


Head over to get your shop on at E.R. Leather Goods! The first 10 orders will receive 40% off. I wouldn’t want to miss this deal if I were you, Happy Shopping!

IMG_8100All bags will be made in the order they are received.


Today starts the beginning of Thanksgiving week. While I have SO many things to be thankful for, you, my faithful supporters, all are among them.

As a “Thank You” for the continued support over the years, I am offering a pre-holiday “Thank You” sale on my website, E.R. Leather Goods.  From today until December 1st, please take 25% off all purchases at www.erleathergoods.com. Enter the code THANKYOU at check out.

It can’t be a bad way to start your week…Happy Shopping!



I have some exciting news from E.R. Leather Goods! I am sharing the trunk show love for anyone who missed out! My Virtual Trunk Show on www.erleathergoods.com is LIVE!

This is your chance to shop all of the fabulous and unique one-of-a-kind clutches that I make especially for shows. I get creative, have fun, and use my excess scraps to design different styles. And…drumroll please…I have also added a new Sale Section!

Head on over and get your shop on. Once they are gone, they are gone!

IMG_6708Each bag shown in the Virtual Trunk Show and Sale sections are the actual bag you will be receiving. Dimensions are included in the description. The clutches above are just examples of some of the offerings.

All purchases will be shipped December 5th and all sales are final.


Ok, today is the day…It’s Show Time Baby! I can not urge you enough to head on down to our Fall Shopping Event! I promise this is the LAST time I will talk about it.

There are Sam ClutchesCITNB Clutches, a huge selection of my new collection The Rivets. I have clutches starting at $25.00 and my first ever sale basket with deeply discounted clutches and bags. Not tempting enough? So De Mel swimwear will also have a HUGE sale basket (which I am SO excited to shop!) Yup, we are going to have a very fun day! See you dolls this afternoon…now back to setting up!

November 14th from 4-8pm. 1151 Coast Village Road, 2nd Floor. Montecito, CA.



I love design evolution and experimenting with new products. After years of doing the same whip stitching, I ventured out of the box and tried something new. I introduce to you my newest collection – not yet available online but coming soon – ‘The Rivets.’

These beauties have been a slam dunk this fall! With Holiday Trunk Shows right around the corner, you can expect to see a lot of new rivet clutches in the mix. Here is a preview of whats offered at my first Trunk Show next week!

IMG_7563Prices starting at $150.00. All of these are currently available. Email info@emilyrosendahl.com for more information.

Join E.R. Leather GoodsSo De Mel SwimHeather Gardner Malibu, Heather Wright Designs, and Curio+Kind for a shopping event NOT to be missed!

November 14th from 4-8pm

1151 Coast Village Road – Montecito, California.

As a Thank You for all the support this year, E.R. Leather Goods will be offering some deep discounts on clutches and handbags.


Now that it’s officially November, it’s go-time for E.R. Leather Goods. For the next 17 days I will be prepping for a few Holiday Shows! Wow, my hands hurt just thinking about it.

I invite you all to join me, along with the talented designers from So De Mel SwimHeather Gardner Malibu, Heather Wright Designs, and Curio+Kind, for an evening of beautiful jewelry, stunning swimwear, amazing leather goods, and darling children’s clothes.

See you all November 14th (details below) and I promise this is a sale that you will NOT want to miss. I will have tons of clutches and some smoking deals. Ok, now I need to get back to work! Happy Friday.

IMG_7357November 14th from 4-8pm
1151 Coast Village Road  – Montecito, California


I have never been one to follow the rules of fashion, or really any rules for that matter. I wear white after labor day and love it! It’s classic, polished, and clean. How are you going to see how amazing an E.R. Leather Goods Jackson Bag in sleek black hair on hide looks against anything but white?

Be bold with black bags on white outfits this winter…I dare you!

Fall shoot 2013-25


I am thrilled to be included in the opening (and re-opening) of some beautiful new boutiques in Los Olivos, California on October 26th. Here is your heads up to get to the Santa Ynez valley this Saturday for a day of shopping, and of course, wine tasting.

I’ll be holding my first Trunk Show of the Fall season at Wendy Foster Los Olivos from 12-4! Come check out E.R. Leather Goods brand new pieces (keep posted for pictures) and the stunning new store!

Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your weekend already! See you there.

LO_ReOpening_Eblast_V2 copy


Designing a custom handbag takes time. Finding the perfect hide, the most wearable design to fit your lifestyle, and investing in something you will want to carry after the season is over…well, it’s a process.

I have had several gals hold out for the perfect hide. Naturally, each has its own unique characteristics and no two are the same. When I find a stunning hide, I scoop it up and use it for samples…or for me! I know it’s selfish but that’s why I started this business.  The hard part is finding a similar hide when a gal (or lots of gals) is trying to rip it off your arm!

To find that gem of a hide, one that boasts the elements you desire, is like finding a needle in a haystack. I promise it’s always worth the wait. After nearly 6 months of deciding on the style, waiting on the perfect hide, and making the final design decisions…these beauties are Wyoming bound!

IMG_7167The Jackson $600.00

IMG_7164The Virginian $150.00

IMG_7160The newest Light Brindle Hide


Over the weekend I poured through photos of past shoots and bags. It’s a tradition I have when I begin working on a new project. It was also great downtime after I painted the entire inside of my house this week!

My first Holiday Show is November 15th in Montecito and production is in full swing. I am always inspired by my archives. I can’t believe how many bags I’ve made in the past 6 years. It’s crazy.

I can’t wait go get my hands on some beautiful new hides for iPad cases, stationary cases, clutches, bags, and so much more. I am thinking black and white hair on hide will be pretty hot…what are your thoughts?

Fall shoot 2013-54

20 for 20…Don’t Miss Out!

Thank you all for such amazing feedback and positive support from the launch of my new website, E.R. Leather Goods!

Don’t miss out on my 2o for 20 offer! The first 20 orders gets 20% until October 10th! There are a few discounts left so go get your shop on! I would hate for anyone to miss out on this rare opportunity.  Happy shopping!

website additions sept 2013-4


I am thrilled to share some very big news…and before anyone gets too excited, I am not engaged or pregnant…yet! But, I am FINALLY announcing the launch my brand spankin’ new website, E.R. Leather Goods!

After months of shooting bags, making bags, editing photos, editing the collections, and creating each and every page, I’m finished, whew! Though technically it has been live for a month or so, I added the last 5 bags over the weekend and it’s ready to go.

Please head on over to check out the new E.R. Leather Goods site. Share it, shop it, stalk it, do whatever makes you happy. Enjoy it because it’s been a mountain of work and I’m very proud of how it turned out!

To celebrate the launch, I am extending a 20% discount for the first 20 orders! This expires on October 10th so get your shop on! Enter LAUNCH upon check out.

Here is a peek at some of the new bags which happen to be perfect for Fall…Happy Shopping!

website additions sept 2013-7

The Cody


The Pinedale 


The Cheetah Duffle

website additions sept 2013-5

The Holidays are right around the corner! Please keep in mind I will be traveling in November. If you are thinking of treating yourself or a friend to a holiday bag, I strongly suggest ordering within the next two weeks to guarantee shipment. Supplies will be limited as of December 1st. I can not guarantee orders will be fulfilled after December 15th. 

E.R. Leather Goods Gift Certificates are available!

The E.R. Leather Goods office will be closed December 20th – Jan 1st.


Last week, Ms. Sophie Haber set out to shoot some photos that are too good not to share. We have collaborated and worked together for nearly 4 years and I love her perspective on my collection. Not only is she stunning in front of the camera, she is a truly talented photographer!

I feel like I am on a tropical island in this gorgeous shoot.  The color pops and details are fantastic! I would have never thought to shoot at a location like this and I absolutely love it.

Thank you doll, you continue to amaze me and I can’t wait to have you shoot more!





Photos by Sophie Haber


I can’t count the number of times I have been asked how I make my bags, how I learned, what classes did I take, and what machines I use. My answer is always the same. I taught myself throughout the years, I use a hole punch, a singer sewing machine…and my own two hands! This quickly sparks the statement “let me see your hands!”

I love the perfectly imperfect details that makes each bag authentic. Not every hole is punched evenly, not every shape is the same. I don’t have patterns nor do I have a fancy cutter. I use my eyes and my own two hands, letting the details speak for themselves!

Crowheart Weekender detail1


I feel like a broken record but I will say it once more…I love the change of season! The rich colors, cozy clothes, evening outdoor fires, and the comfort food…it’s just the best!

I am getting very excited to bust out my winter wardrobe…but not quite yet. I could use a few more beach weekends, but that isn’t stopping me from dreaming of my cashmere sweaters, my corduroy blazer, knee-high boots, and naturally, a new bag perfect for Fall!

Fall shoot 2013-12


I am going to say it, and I know it sounds nuts…the Holidays are right around the corner!

Now that I am officially 100% finished with ALL of my Fall wholesale orders, I am prepping for my big Holiday Trunk Show in Santa Barbara on November 15th!

Ladies it’s your time to tell me what you want for the Holidays. Whether it be a gift for yourself or for a girlfriend, I am taking requests for bags and clutches. I want to make what you want to buy! This is your chance to send me your requests and I’ll do my best to make it happen. Get your thinking caps on dolls.

Here is a little inspiration!


What is sexier than a classic cocktail dress with a Dazzle Clutch? Just a pop of something wild is HOT, and your date will think so too!


I am taking pre-orders for the Sam clutch and the CITNB clutch. I can’t always get the Springbok hides…order now to guarantee you don’t miss the boat!


I love the colors of Autumn. They are rich and always look good through the Winter.

I will be traveling from November 18-December 3rd. All holiday orders need to be placed by December 10th to guarantee delivery. Get your shop on!


Fall is slowly knocking on the door. Waking to brisk mornings, hitting the sheets at night with a cool breeze flooding through the open windows, and the feeling of nesting for the winter months has got my creative juices flowing. Perhaps it’s time for photo shoot! This is still one of my favorite photos. To me, this is what Fall is all about.

24_20111006205327_1928865_mediumFor info on this bag, please email info@emilyrosendahl.com


For the past few months, I have been toying with the idea of creating a collection of accessories dedicated to travel and business. This week, my girlfriends at Wendy Foster asked me if I would make them each an iPad mini cases for their upcoming buying trip to NYC, naturally I said yes! Now that the ball is rolling, stay tuned for some new goods!


IMG_2331For more information on ordering, please email info@emilyrosendahl.com


Since returning from Vegas, I have been slowly chipping away at all of my orders. I must admit, I have been a little slower out the gate due to the extreme heat! Cutting out black leather in full sun at 90 degrees with metal tools isn’t dreamy. However, everything looks amazing and I have shipped out 5 stores orders…keep posted for a new stockist list coming soon!

Here are a few beauties in a box headed for Chicago.






For the past 5 years, I have been a part of a huge baby boom with my girlfriends…and it’s not over yet! With three new tots on board, my diaper bag business has taken a new turn…Mr. Mom now has his own bag too!

I am thrilled to have made my first murse. Yes, this will technically be used as a “daddy diaper bag” but this rocking messenger bag is great for life after diaper duty also! Enjoy your new nurse Mr. Mom!



The Dad’s Diaper Bag





I am checking things off the list right and left as I prepare for ENK Vegas next week. The samples are packed, the marketing materials are at the printer, and I’m finishing my booth design today! To say I am a little excited is an absolute understatement.

If you are heading to ENK Vegas come see all the new goods…and there are a TON of new styles to choose from! If you can’t make it, don’t fret, I’ll have the new and improved E.R. Leather Goods website up and running in no time.
ER Leather Goods ENK Announcement copyWHAT’S IN A BAG

The past two weeks is the longest I have gone without working on bags in over one year! My hands are feeling very thankful, but my brain is itching to get back to work. I have had a lot of time this summer, and especially the past two weeks, to edit down and really make my newest collection (coming in September) concise and clean.

Since everyone’s vision of the perfect bag is so personal to them, I have to stick to my guns and keep designing what I love and what I would want to carry. After nearly 8 years and thousands of bags, I still get excited design new products that fit in each aspect of my lifestyle. What does your ideal bag look like?

37147_446448553900_6007634_nDon’t get too excited, this is a VERY old photo!


I am beyond thrilled to have my very first (and hopefully not the last) boutique store in Paris!  Bijoux Nilaï, a very cool store in Paris’ 6th arrondissement, is now home to an assortment of amazing ERLG clutches.

I welcome any and all of my European supporters to pop in and take a peek…fingers crossed I will be able to take a peek myself this fall!

1010177_592686120752034_1380873156_nNilaï Store, 4 rue du Vieux Colombier – 75006 Paris


Wedding season is in full swing and I love when a bride asks me to make custom clutches to give her bridesmaids. It’s personal, hand-made, and designed by the bride herself!

Here is a recent group I made for a beautiful bride and her favorite girls.




I suppose it goes without being said that whenever I go anywhere I always sport a little beauty from E.R. Leather Goods. When I began flying a TON last year, I added new accessories to my travel arsenal, a passport holder and documents pouch.

I recently partnered with my girl Betsy who is the US Director of Sales and Marketing for World Odyssey, making travel sets for all US World Odyssey clients! Not only will you get a tailor-made holiday, you get custom travel accessories! Win-Win if you ask me.

Here is the set recently made for Samantha of Could I Have that for her upcoming African honeymoon. World Odyssey designed the most AMAZING trip for the new Mr. & Mrs. and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

IMG_5546Photo via CIHT Instagram.


Every once in a while I come across a hide so perfect I don’t want to cut it apart. That only lasts a few minutes then I just go for it!

Ever since I posted my Bondurant Bucket tote sitting on the beach I have had request after request for that color hide. Well, yesterday a little beauty arrived from FedEx! I have already made a couple of bags from this hide, but for all you dolls out there looking for a honey hide, I have enough for 3 more bags…which will also have white on them.


The New Hide from yesterday!



Today, a big box of beautiful bags is Texas bound for Mustang Sally in San Angelo!

I have made so many collections for all my stores, but this happens to be one of my favorites…and I hope Mustang Sally agrees! Here is a little peek at one of the bags in the box.

Crowheart Weekender 2


I am not one who generally follows the rules of “matching.” Now that I think about it, I don’t tend to follow any rules. I prefer things to blend rather than perfectly paired, but…there is a an exception to every rule.

I just shipped off these beauties to Colorado. After starting her custom Cheyenne Bag, she asked if I could make her a matching Virginian Clutch. Well of course I could, and it looks beautiful as a set. This is one twin set I can wrap my brain around.




I always love it when girlfriends have the same taste. It makes borrowing from them so much easier! For these girlfriends, they don’t just have the same fabulous taste…they buy the same thing!

Here are four beauties headed to NYC for two very cool girlfriends. I hope you like you bags dolls!


The Powell in Deep Red with Antique Nickel studs (The red is much darker in person)


The Crowheart with a Tassel. Tan croc with dove grey lining!


The Powell with Antique Brass studs and Chocolate Brown Lining.


The Jackson Bag with Antique Nickel studs (the studs are reflecting the light and are much less shiny in real life.)


Come celebrate summer with us TODAY from 1-8pm at the So De Mel Showroom!

If you miss out today, I will be at the Santa Barbara Arts and Craft Show on Cabrillo Blvd. every Sunday this Summer from 10-1pm…at least the Sunday’s I am in town!


IMG_7369New Summer Clutches will be available today!


In time for the big summer season, I am so excited I just shipped a box of beauties to The Gypsy Wagon in Crested Butte Colorado! This is such a cute store and I’m thrilled to be a part of it….I am also obsessed with their fringe boots!

If you are in the Crested Butte area head over and check them out on Elk Avenue.

Cheyenne (1)







It’s your lucky weekend! From today until Sunday take 15% off ALL of the clutches and handbags featured on my Facebook site. There are so many beauties to choose from and it’s a sale not to be missed. Happy Shopping!

1866f608805c727c5c3eaacc463847c5The sale price is not reflected in the post. Free USPS domestic shipping applies to all sales. There are no discounts on 2nds or sample bags. If you have questions please email info@emilyrosendahl.com.


I am happy to report I am almost ready for my Spring Trunk Shows. I spent the entire weekend (when I wasn’t actually working) on finishing my up my piles of clutches. With only 15 left to lace, I may actually be able to slow down for a minute and enjoy the amazing weather and my beautifully cleaned up garden. But, knowing me, I’ll just start making more bags. See you Thursday!



For the past two weeks I have been full steam ahead getting prepped and ready for my two upcoming trunk shows! Well, I have one week to finish the massive pile of clutches…and a dozen bags! It’s a good thing I will be taking special orders of bags as well.

For those of you in the Santa Barbara or Jackson Hole area in the next few weeks, please stop by and pick up your very own ERLG original! Prices start at $40.00.


BTR trunk show-3


Whenever I ship bags off into the world…as exciting as it is…I never know how people will feel about them when they open their box.

When I received word that the last batch of batch of bags I sent to Robyn Evan (who has an amazing and exotic “in home shop” just outside Sydney) sold out in one week, was over the moon and quickly made another set.

Here is a little preview of some of the bags headed down under. Cheers!


The Cheyenne Weekender


The Bondurant Bucket Tote


The Town Clutch


The “Limited Edition” Cowboy Clutch – This is my last antler…there will be more available this summer.


The Cowgirl Clutch

If you are in the Sydney area and would like to purchase one of these beauties please email Robyn Evans at bejewelledbyr@yahoo.au.



Alright brides to be…with wedding season fast approaching, have you chosen your bridesmaids gifts?

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of designing several sets of custom clutches for some very lucky bridesmaids. Some brides stuffed the clutches with all the necessities from lip gloss and gum, to perhaps a little tissue and some bandaids…just in case you can’t kick your heels off. The last set I made had the wedding date and the couple’s initials stamped into the lining as a reminder of the big day…how cute is that?!

For information on ordering and special pricing please email info@emilyrosendahl.com. Here is the latest set of clutches I just finished for an upcoming wedding.




Now that I am back, and somewhat settled into my routine after two weeks away, I hit the ground running Saturday morning (after getting home at 1am) to complete a few more bag orders.

Three of the bags happen to be one of my spring favorites, The Crowheart Weekender. I have been carrying this puppy almost as much as the Bondurant and Hoback. It’s large enough to fit my “stuff” but slouchy enough to hug my hip. Of course, yellow is my all time fave…but don’t be surprised if you see this beauty in green, turquoise, or blue this summer!

Spring shoot 2013-3 copy


Natural Leather with Natural Lacing for Upstairs at Pierre Lafond. $425.00.


Yellow with Natural Lacing for Upstairs at Pierre Lafond. $425.00.


Limited Edition Natural Croc with Hot Pink Lining and Brown Lacing. $425.00.


For the past month or so, I have been debating if I wanted to design a Summer collection for ERLG. Well, the answer is yes. I am so inspired by the vibrant colors of Hawaii that I’ve decided to pop my favorite bright colors into the mix with royal blue, turquoise, and green.

I’ll be home next week and can’t wait to get started on big beach bags and fun summer clutches. Until then, here are some older bright bag styles I found in the ERLG archives.





Whenever I board a plane, my Bondurant Bucket Tote is with me. This bag is one of my favorites, not only because it of its shape and size, but because it’s functional! This beauty is a must for summer travel…and it makes a great beach bag as well.

Spring shoot 2013



Shipping my bags internationally always leaves a smile on my face, but to have ERLG represented at a new “at-home shop” just outside Sydney is awesome!. This is a beautiful collection of bags…if I do say so myself. For more information on where to purchase these beauties, see below.








Every time I carry my Sam Clutch, I am asked “What is that and where is it from?” My answer is always the same…”It’s a Springbok from South Africa…don’t worry, they aren’t poached for their hides, they are a source of food.”

My most recent shipment of Springbok came from a friend’s farm in Namibia. They are the most stunning batch of hides I have received in a long time. While I waited…and waited…and waited for my box to clear customs, I had my friend bring a few hides back from Namibia to tide me over.

This has got to be my favorite street vendor ever! I was delivered 5 beauties purchased right here! It doesn’t get more authentic than that.

IMG_1249-1My South African pal picking the perfect hide for me!



I happen to be a big fan of fringe…and yellow! I am sure there isn’t a single person out there who would be surprised by this.

There is something about this bag that just brightens my day…I can’t wait to make the turquoise one this weekend.  Doesn’t this bag just make you smile…and think of sunshine? Happy Friday loves!

Spring shoot 2013-9


Wow! What I week I just had in Vegas. For my first trade show, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome, even if it means I won’t surface for a month while I am in production mode.

Now, I am over the moon to announce the launch of my new Spring 2013 collection at Emily Rosendahl Leather Goods. This Spring at ERLG, it’s all about bright pops of color (yes, hot pink lining,) tons of hair on cow hides, turquoise accents, and of course, fringe!

I invite you all to take a peek at the new site. It’s so different from any other shoot I have done, and I loved the outcome! My dream team did it once again. Enjoy!

Spring shoot 2013-3 copy

The Crowheart Weekender $375.00

Photo by Elizabeth Peace Photography

On another note… here are some fun shots from Vegas:


The arrival. Thank goodness for some fresh desert air.


The set up was seamless, even with the stomach flu!


Press, post cards, swatches, and more…then we flipped the table!


Cheers! The show was a complete success and worth every ounce of energy I put into it. Thank you to my sister Hillary for being my helper, you are the best, muah!


I love making bags out unexpected neutral colors. I tend to stick to the classic and more timeless colors like chocolate, saddle tan, and black, but I fell in love with this grey leather and needed to do something with it.

Here is the last Heard Day Bag I was able to squeezed out of my Limited Edition Grey. I hope its new owner loves it!



Monday mornings are usually all business. Following up on leather orders, firing off emails, making sure my inventory is stocked, and shipping off bags.

Today, I am shipping out two beauties! I just received a fresh shipment of Springbok hides (more are coming today from Namibia) and the most beautiful cheetah print hide. I am really excited to send these our and hope the recipients love them as much as I do! Now, time to prep for a photo shoot with 805 Living magazine!



I am really good at keeping secrets, but this is just a little too exciting to hold in. I have been looking at these photos over and over…and over again for the past week trying to choose my favorites.

The bottom line is that each shot from my Spring 2013 photo shoot was stunning. Here is your weekly teaser (in black and white…I can’t give you all the goods.) The site will go live March 1st, but until then…here is a tide me over.

Spring shoot 2013-16 bw sand retouched


Since December, I have had 3 girlfriends give birth…and there are 6 more with little ones on the way. I am getting very used to making diaper bags at this point! Though it may seem completely impractical to have a leather diaper bag, they are just too cool not to carry.

This beauty is for a very special doll who finally got her sweet baby girl! I can not wait to meet Steely Rose today. I hope her mama loves her bag as much as I do!



It’s February 1st and we all know what that means, Valentine’s Day is 2 weeks away. There are two reasons I love this holiday and it’s because red leather and hot pink suede make an awesome handbag or clutch combo. Ladies, have your special someone order your bag today!

IMG_7831I will do my best to fill all Valentine’s Day orders, however, supplies are limited. All orders must be received by Feb. 5th. You will be contacted immediately if your order can not be fulfilled in time.


Just as luck (and a ton of work) would have it, we had another massively successful photo shoot yesterday. Without giving too much away, here is a tiny taste of what’s coming, and it’s like nothing I have done before. I’m keeping it under wraps for now, but I promise it’s worth the wait!

IMG_5322For more behind the scenes photos, follow me on Instagram @erleathergoods!


Yesterdays shoot was beautiful! I am so excited to start pouring though all the photos to edit down my favorites, which is always a challenge because there are so many amazing shots.

Since this shoot won’t be live until August, I figured I would give you all a little teaser of what’s to come. Here is a sneak peek at my Fall 2013 collection…from my phone.





It’s Friday, why not take a trip down memory lane? As I am prepping for my photo shoots I couldn’t help peeking at some beautiful photos from the past 5 years. Here are a few of my favorite photos shot by the amazingly talented photographer, Elizabeth Peace.






3 HUGE Collaborations: December 2012

I have just experienced a new “pinch me” moment. A few months ago I started brainstorming the idea of collaborating with fashion bloggers to create their own clutch (thank you GP for the inspiration.) Each blogger has their own individual style which makes them so fun to follow…So, why not team up with them to create their “signature” clutch?

After stalking bloggers across the web, I cherry picked the top 5 I felt best represented the ERLG brand, and ones who could add their personal flare without departing from the brand’s aesthetic. Throwing all my cards on the table, I crafted a proposal email, hit send, and went out for a ride. As luck would have it, 3 said YES!

I am absolutely thrilled to introduce to you my ERLG clutch collaborations with Samantha from Could I Have That?, Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black, and Sally and Molly from A Piece of Toast.

A huge Thank You goes to each of you lovely dolls for taking the time to collaborate with me. You are all amazingly talented and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Until then, don’t forget to snag one of these beauties on my ERLG website.

_arna_bee_photography_for_could_i_have_that_talina_hermann_27It’s no surprise Samantha and I have joined forces once more to create a new fabulous clutch. Sam, being a Santa Barbara doll, was the only blogger who was able to visit my little hideout and pick out exactly what she wanted. Putting our brains together was such a treat and from that collaboration came the new sexy little number, the CIHT clutch. The sleek black hair on hide clutch features a cherry red suede lining and super-soft black lacing. This beauty is smoking hot! Check out Samantha’s blog Could I Have That? at www.couldihavethat.blogspot.com. Photo credit: Arna Bee. $250.00.

EmilyRosendahlxCheetahistheNewBlackWhat girl doesn’t love to walk on the wild side? I was beyond excited when I got to work with Alicia from the blog Cheetah is the New Black, to create her signature CitNB clutch. Naturally, we chose cheetah. This oversized envelope clutch is like nothing I have ever done before. Rather than using my normal lacing, we opted for brass rivets to give it an unexpected, more urban twist. One of the things that makes this so darn cute is that it’s lined with purple suede…does it get better than that? I think not! Head over and check out Alicia’s blog at www.cheetahisthenewblack.com. Photo credit CitNB. $275.00.

IKDJY6lF90ct9QBI5OKYCFNh85XPjes_Ru38iMs9id8I have a huge soft spot for creative sisters…which made teaming with Sally and Molly Miller, of A Piece of Toast, incredibly special. After a few weeks of virtual brainstorming, we created a beautiful clutch. We all share a love of mixing black and navy together so it seemed fitting we would combine the two. The APoT clutch is made from assorted black and white hair on hide, lined with navy suede and laced with navy waxed canvas cord. Each clutch, like Sally and Molly, is completely one of a kind. Follow APoT at www.apieceoftoastblog.com. Photo credit – APoT. $250.00.


It’s Wednesday…why not have another Holiday Special to mix up the week? ERLG is going to continue the December Specials with some Fringe Benefits! This week, take 20% off each of these little beauties! Happy Wednesday…now get shopping!


#1 Originally $115, Now $92 – 8×6 – Brass Studs


#2 Originally $165, Now $132 – 13×6 – Brass Studs


#3 Originally $165, Now $132 – 12×7 – Silver Studs SOLD


#4 Originally $120, Now $96 – 10×6 – Brass Studs


#5 Originally $150, Now $120 – 12×6 – Brass Studs


#6 Originally $165, Now $132 – 12×7 – Brass Studs

All ERLG Clutches are on sale this week.Get them while you can! To order, please email info@emilyrosendahl.com and reference the clutch number. Free shipping for USPS, $10.00 for UPS.

All  Special Offer purchases are final sale and not returnable.


The holidays have officially started! I have been refusing to accept how quickly 2012 has gone, but now I am embracing the season of giving and am looking forward to the new year.

As a gift and thank you to all my readers, friends, and fans, I am extending amazing month-long specials on my ERLG clutches and handbags. To kick off the season of giving (or personal purchase) I have a beautiful collection of embossed snake-skin clutches…for only $100 ($20-$50 off the original price!) Happy Shopping!


#1 12X6″


#2 12X6″


#3 11X5″


#4 12X6″


#5 13X7 SOLD


#6 12X6


#7 11X5″


#8 12X7


The time has come for me to give my hands a break and stop making bags for my weekend Holiday Trunk Show. I don’t think that I have ever logged as many hours or worked as hard to prepare for a trunk show in my life…ever! There are some show stopping clutches and beautiful new handbag styles which I hope everyone will love.

Now, it’s time to put down the punch, stash the unfinished products, and close my studio door…at least until Monday when I have to restock for my show December 9th! If you are in the Santa Barbara area, please stop by to check out all the goods. Happy Friday.


ERLG trunk show ad2


Since my social life has been non-existent as I prep for my Holiday Trunk Shows, I should at least show proof I have actually been working. Here is a little preview of some clutches that will be available at the shows…along with dozens more!

I hope to see everyone soon. Happy Monday!


I have received bag orders from all over the world but there is something really special about my first order from Paris! I am beyond thrilled to be sending two of my favorite bags, The Sam Bag and the Indian Summer Clutch, off to the City of Lights.

Since I can remember, I have had a love affair with Paris. The fact that I haven’t been there yet is absolutely nuts (I just can’t talk about it, it’s just too crazy!) Until I make it over this spring, I’ll happily send a little piece of me. Au revoir beautiful bags!


I never know what to expect when I see a message pop in that I have received an order. Nine times out of ten, it’s for the Sam Clutch, by far my best-selling bag. However, this week I was pleasantly surprised to see the Cheyenne bags making a comeback. I personally love the originality of the hair on hide bags. Even though each of my bags is one of a kind, the hair on hides are truly unique.

Here are the beautiful the Hair on Hide bags I am shipping out today!


I have a teaser for you…but just a small one. With the holidays right around the corner, I have started making a collection of clutches  to get everyone in the festive spirit! Soon, the cocktail parties will be planned, the holiday trunk show season will kick off, and everyone will be dashing here and there to find the perfect gift for their loved ones.

I am very pleased to announce that there will be some unexpected twists this holiday season from ERLG….stay tuned! Mark your calendars for December 2nd and 9th for ERLG Trunk Shows in Santa Barbara.


With the holidays right around the corner, I have been a busy bee making a TON of bags for all of my stores. I am just about caught up…whew!  Now I get to start making all the bags for my holiday trunk shows!

Here is a lovely batch that is headed to The Golden Bear in Vail next week…but you get a little preview!


Virginia, here I come!. Opening next month is Harriet’s General, gift boutique with an All-American twist…each product is hand selected and 100% made in American. I am honored to be a part of this brilliant store! If you are in the area, check it out.


I am so excited to ship a collection of beautiful bags to my new store in Arizona, Frances Vintage. If you are in the Phoenix area, stop by and check out the new goods!


It has happened again, bag envy. This beauty turned out to be one of the most flawless and perfect bags I have ever made…and it’s a diaper bag!

From the texture of the leather to the contrast of the lacing, I am so thrilled with how this Cheyenne Diaper Bag came out that I actually want to make one for myself…but as a carry on bag for my upcoming vacation, not for diapers and bottles.

I hope the new mama who’s receiving this bag will think it’s equally beautiful!


I am a secret sewer. I am not that good, which is why it’s a secret, but I can hold my own and usually get by. Pillows have been a fun one for me. I have made dozens over the years with assorted fabric, Navajo blankets, canvas, you name it. Now that the pillows on my couch are getting thrashed (Milo has learned how amazing my couch is) I made the decision about 3 months ago that I wanted to make leather pillows!

A few weeks ago one of my girlfriends was over for a dinner party. Naturally with her, we spend the better part of the evening coming up with all sorts of amazing products in my studio, leaving my guests to fend for themselves. Now that you can actually see everything, we had a blast picking which of the Madeline Weinrib organic cotton block print fabrics to use for the front, and which leather to use for the back. Hot Pink and Espresso! I whipped up a set of euro shams for her yesterday and loved how they turned out…I’ll make sure they are safe until she can pick them up!

I love the contrast with the pink pillows and my black and white blanket from Africa. Hmmmm, the wheels keep on turning. Even though you can’t see the leather, trust me, it’s amazing.


I am so excited that mama’s to be are branching out from the traditional nylon diaper bag and looking for something a little more stylish.

What started as a gift for a girlfriend has turned into its own collection from ERLG. The Darlin’ Diaper Bag looks like an oversized leather purse, yet has the functionality that will help new mama’s get through the day. After all, there is really no reason to compromise your personal style just because you have become a mother.

Here is my latest Darlin’ Diaper Bag which is headed to Virginia on Monday.


For all you dolls out there who have been flirting with the idea of snatching up a Sam Clutch, Sam Bag, or the Madikwe Bag, I urge you to jump on my most recent shipment of Springbok hides that just arrived from Africa…10 minutes ago!

After receiving the box Friday and knowing I wouldn’t have time to get my hands on them until Sunday, I stashed it away for the weekend…but my girlfriends convinced me to bust open during a dinner party on Saturday night. Needless to say there were a lot of giggles, and I believe a few shrieks of joy.

This little box containing 20 hides, is by far, the most stunningly beautiful batch of Springbok I have ever received! The rich chocolate browns blend seamlessly with the tan, and the white stripes are so clean and bright. It’s sleek, chic, and an absolute must for fall. Order yours today before they are all gone…again!


I can not count the number of bags I have made in the last 5 years; my guess is hundreds. Along the way I have made some beauties and have had a handful (or 2) of big time busts. Through the highs and lows of the creative process, I have only made close to 10 bags I had difficulty letting go of.

On Sunday, I bid farewell to one of the coolest bags I’ve made in a long time. I LOVE it! Though I resisted taking the blade to this stunning African Nguni cow hide, it had to be done.

This Madikwe Dreams Bag is my idea of the perfect fall accessory. I may have to sneak one into my closet too…


I have a little confession to make…I am mildly obsessed with zebra. They are fascinating animals that are truly 100% unique and original. I was absolutely mesmerized by each dazzle I encountered in Africa and fell in love with them.

When I started planning my collection,  I knew I had to incorporate zebra hide. I was apprehensive given how exotic and cool these babes are, but I decided to go for it. Before anyone freaks out, I chose faux zebra (cow hide printed zebra) rather than real deal.

Dazzle your friends with a zebra bag from my  Safari Collection.

Sunset at the Madikwe watering hole with my dazzle.

Sunset at my watering hole with the Dazzle Bag.

Don’t even think of taking my Dazzle Clutch!

The Lil’ Dazzle Bag, great for anything…anytime!


FALL 2012 SAFARI COLLECTION: September 2012

I am thrilled to announce that my Fall 2012 Safari Collection is now live on my website! It’s been the most amazing collection to make during the most inspirational time of my life. Please take a peek! It’s quite beautiful…if you ask me.


Last December, I participated in a holiday trunk show hosted by Samantha Hutchinson, of the blog Could I Have That. Just as I was packing up for the day, her dad came from the garage with a large bundle in a blue plastic bag. Huh, what could possibly be in there? He turned to me and asked if I could do anything with this hide. My immediate question was, “what is that?”

Well, the hide in the big blue bag, turned out to be 20 Springbok sewn together. He picked up this massive hide the last time he was in South Africa. I had never seen anything like it, so naturally, I said YES!!! From that large mix of hides came 4 beautiful bags and 4 clutches for all his girls. One of the clutches aptly became the Sam Clutch!

A few months later, Sam dashed off to Paris for Fashion Week.  I received a text  from her as soon as she spotted a Springbok (or Gazelle as they are calling it) clutch from Proenza Schouler debuting this fall. I was so excited to know that I was a little ahead of the game.

What would you do…Steal or Splurge? See both of our clutches below.

The Sam Clutch $285.00 – Supplies are limited, but I am always getting new hides from Africa.

Proenza Schouler Large Chieko Bag $745.00


Here is a little beauty for a true beauty! I LOVE this clutch and I adore the doll who ordered it. Enjoy it Ms. Adams!


C.J.H. is going to be such a stud! His mama, who happens to be one of the most beautiful pregnant girls in the world, is going to look like a rock star caring her new babe, and her Darlin’ Diaper Bag!

Another baby boy is on the way and I can’t wait to meet him.


The fall is fast approaching and I am getting ants in my pants to get on a plane and go far, far away. With the hustle of the summer wrapping up, I am ready to pick up a few fabulous fall must haves, grab my bag, and go. Now, where to?


I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. No, I didn’t go back to Africa (not yet at least) but I did find a dazzle of zebra in my own backyard. After a few phone calls and some major excitement, I jumped in the car with Bets to check out these beauties.

Perhaps this could be a perfect location to shoot Fall… stay tuned to find out.

The dazzle grazing…very curious as to who we were.

This little one was very interested in us.


Finally, this group is finished! I have been slowly, and I mean slowly, working on them for at least 2 months…and I finally finished them. Not that I didn’t want to make them, but I got a little too distracted with other bags and projects I couldn’t resist getting my hands on (Fall 2012 perhaps!) After seeing them almost finished for over a month, I forced myself to stop neglecting these little beauties and get it done.

Now, I need to keep plugging away on the next batch to get ready for my September Trunk Shows! The bright colors are coming soon…stay tuned!


I am THRILLED to have become an “Auntie” again yesterday. My beautiful girlfriend Ani welcomed her first son and I am over the moon. All of my girlfriends have had beautiful baby boys (there are now 5 all under the age of 5) and I am so excited to see another boy added to our little wolf pack. It’s going to be amazing to watch all these boys grow up together (and cause a TON of trouble I’m sure.)

This little one has no idea how cool his mama is and what a wonderful life she will give him. Congratulations and I hope you love your new diaper bag!


The limited edition Chelsea Beach Bag is ready to go! If you are hitting the beach, or beyond, this summer, this tote needs to be with you. It’s 100% Organic Cotton, lined with canvas, and super lightweight.

All of the colors are available and so fun! Happy Friday!!


I am very excited for my friend Karen who recently opened a new clothing boutique called Hawthorn at Padaro Beach in Carpinteria! Along with her beautiful selection of clothing and accessories are clutches from ERLG. Here are some new goodies headed over today!!

Tonight there is a fabulous art and jewelry show featuring Blakeney Sanford and Heather Gardner. If you are in the area from 4-7 pop in!


The wait is over! I am pleased to say the Sam Clutch is back in stock and the hides are the best yet!!! I received my beautiful Springbok hides from Africa this week and I’m getting started on my next batch of Sam Clutches.

Supplies are still limited so I suggest you get your hands on one of these puppies before they are gone.


I love looking through old photo shoots Betsy and I have produced. Here is an absolute favorite from 3 years ago! It’s crazy how time flies.

I still love the shot and I still love making that beautiful black and tan Crowheart Saddle Bag.


I am so excited to finally get some of my bags back in my favorite stores. I am slowly restocking all of them, but today, these little puppies are headed in to Wendy Foster Sportswear in Montecito. There are many more to follow…


Yesterday I had a sewing marathon…and I loved the finished product. I have been toying around with my beach bag ideas for quite some time and never quite managed to get the right. Yesterday, I hit the jackpot.

Ladies and gents here is my latest addition to the ERLG family, the Chelsea Beach Bag. Made from organic cotton block print fabric (in many colors and patterns), it’s lined with canvas and paneled with leather. I’ll have the rest of the batch up on my website, www.emilyrosendahl.com, in a few days.  Until then, here is a teaser…


I have made several bags in my day…I can’t even count them actually. However, there is one style (well, 2 really) that gets the most attention, The Cheyenne Weekender. This bag is one of my favorites to make and carry. It’s functional, 100% hand stitched, and offers a chic look when traveling or just out and about. You will be surprised how many men love it too.

This little puppy is heading to NYC to a very lucky lady who snatched up some of my favorite brindle hide….I think I can squeeze a few more bags in with this leather.


Who needs summer camp when you can have the Camp Bag?

Make the Camp Bag your summer’s go-to bag, after all, it’s a girl on the go’s dream bag (so I have been told.) Whether you are headed to the beach, the mountains, the city, or across the world, this oversized and distressed bag is a must!


The past few weeks I have been brainstorming my Fall 2012 collection. From the photo shoot to the hides, I have been thinking of all the possible angles. Where I start is usually not where I end up which makes the process so fun. For the next month I’ll be pouring every ounce of energy into making it the hottest and sexiest collection I can.

I can’t wait to see where I end up this season! Stay tuned…


I made a surprise appearance in Jackson to celebrate my sister’s birthday with her. With me is a new batch of Emily Rosendahl Leather Goods clutches for her beautiful store Bet The Ranch! They will be available today!

The clutches have been cut out!

Large Virginian Clutch $165.00

Small Cowgirl Clutch with Studs and Fringe $165.00

Cowboy Envelope Clutch with Studs $175.00

Virginian Clutch $125.00


I love bright colors! From hot pink to red and from orange to kelly green, I love bold bright colors. To my delight, they have been a major focus for Spring 2012 fashion. Though I wouldn’t wear any of these bold hues on my body, I will accessorize with them.

My go-to accessories this year have been my Hartford scarfs, my bright yellow GAP scarf from 3 years ago (that must be in the trunk of my car, that is in the shop), and my new cobalt blue clutch! Put a piece of turquoise jewelry and white jeans with any of these colors and you are set!

Oversized Envelope Clutch in Cobalt Blue Suede and Turquoise, 175.00. Email me at info@emilyrosendahl.com to order.


I decided it was time for me to make myself a new bag! Why not use the rainy weather as an excuse to stay inside, watch Eclipse and Dirty Dancing Havana Nights (I know, I should be totally embarrassed – but I’m not) and make my new travel bag? It’s a beauty, if I do say so myself!


For those who have waited patiently for their Sam Clutches to be finished, here is my assembly line. I FINALLY received my hides and once it stops raining, I will be able to finish! As you can imagine, this project can not be done indoors! They are most certainly worth the wait!


I have been flooded with requests for the Springbok clutch I made for Could I Have That  blogger Samantha Hutchinson. Her father had brought back Springbok hides from Africa and I had the chance to make custom handbags for the entire family!

I am so excited to report that I have added a new clutch to my collection, aptly named, the “Sam” clutch. Make a statement this spring and summer with this amazing clutch. Word on the street is that Springbok is making its move into the fashion scene for Fall!


What girl doesn’t dream about getting a pony? As it turns out, I am getting a pony…sort of. His name is Skye and I couldn’t resist. First because he lives at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary, second because my Mom’s horse is named Sky (a big sign), and third because I could not pass up the chance to help this wonderful organization and beautiful baby Skye.

I am so fortunate to have partnered with artist and friend, Karen Bezuidenhout, to create a collection of handbags exclusively for my website and Upstairs at Pierre Lafond. The “Skye Collection” is a beautiful combination of Karen’s stunning horse paintings and my one of a kind handbags.

My goal with the “Skye Collection” is to give back to a local non-profit organization that hits close to my heart. Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary is just that. Once I came across their sponsorship program, and saw Skye’s story, I decided that was how I would donate to the organization by giving 10% of each bag sale to partially sponsor baby  Skye.

I grew up riding and living around horses. From the age of 3, I was horseback as much as possible.  Whether it was horse camp as a child, blazing the trails at a private stable in Portland, or exploring the back-country at home in Wyoming, horses have always been a part of my life. Today, I am fortunate to look out of my window each morning and see horses grazing carelessly in the pasture, thrilled for a little fresh grass. They are a soulful creature full of love and grace. I can’t wait to see how baby Skye grows and thrives at Return to Freedom.


Finally…the wait is over. Spring 2012 is LIVE on my website: www.emilyrosendahl.com. Some styles are the same, some are different, but I am thrilled with the outcome and hope you are too!

A big THANK YOU goes out to Betsy, my fabulous photographer, for taking my crazy ideas and creating them beautifully through your camera. It was absolutely amazing…again! THANK YOU my darling dolls Sophie and Abby for  being so easy and fun to work with. You braved the frigid windy temps in chiffon sundresses and not once did you complain. THANK YOU Ace and Andi for letting me use your incredible ranch to make my western ideas seem possible. You are all wonderful friends and I am so lucky to have each of you. Thank you!

I hope you all enjoy the collection.


I am so close to being finished with my site. I have just a few minor adjustments and I’ll be ready to rock and roll.  Here is my last teaser before I launch Spring 2012 tomorrow.


Often times when I am feeling completely overwhelmed, or when I have 4 large handbag orders stacked up one after another, I start daydreaming about how I can redo my house. I have been known to throw a new color of paint in my bathroom or buy some  throw blankets, rugs, or pillows to mix things up.

Right now I’m having a massive love affair with navy blue for my house, my wardrobe, and my handbags. I love the classic color that happens to looks wonderful with the brown, white, cream, turquoise and reds I currently have in my house (and in my closet). I keep toying with the idea of painting the outside of our house, perhaps, navy could work for the ranch? If not, I love the navy clutches I just made for Sollano 16 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Happy Friday!


My Spring 2012 collection will be live on my website March 1st! Until then…here is a little teaser for you!


My Spring 2012 photo shoot will be live very soon…Here are some teaser shots of what’s to come!


Have you ever wanted to win one of my clutches? If so, here is your chance. Visit Samantha’s blog “Could I Have That” for a details and chance to win! Good Luck!


I love this outtake from my Fall 2010 photo shoot!


Here are my some of my favorite images from my Fall 2011 Collection of Emily Rosendahl Leather Goods.


One thought on “E.R. LEATHER GOODS

  1. insearchofwonderland says:

    Not that I am looking for a hand bag by any means, but I can appreciate craftsmanship. Just happened to stumble upon your blog. Bags look great! Bravo.

    Viva la journey,


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